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WikiNG is a simple Wiki engine which attaches itself to the Spam Board's account and session system. Installing WikiNG complementary to a Spam Board will enable to users to use their forum accounts also in the Wiki. WikiNG uses a parser similar to that of MediaWiki.

WikiNG is considered a side project. The code is simpler than that of Spam Board. There is no easy web-based installer. The webmaster installing it is expected to know what he/she is doing (it's not hard, but simply not automated). It was started as an example script to show the reusability of the forum's account and session system for single-sign-on systems. Its feature set is already complete, there are no plans for more features than it currently has (though patches are accepted, of course).


WikiNG 1.03

Basic Documentation

  • Create the tables defined in mysql.sql within the same database your Spam Board is running in
  • Edit includes/config/wikisettings.php
  • Log in to your Spam Board's admin panel and set the cookie path to something accessable to both the forum and the Wiki
  • Create a user group called 'Wikiadmin' in your Spam Board and add yourself to this group (don't make this group public!)
  • Point your browser to your freshly installed WikiNG; have a look at the settings there, create a home page and do whatever else you like


WikiNG 1.0 requires Spam Board 5.2.0 or higher


WikiNG is licenced under the same terms as Spam Board.