User Groups

Groups (apart from the default ones) only really make sense if you appoint special permissions to them. For example, they're useful to have special private sub-forums which only certain members can access. A group can be set as public or private by the administrators.

Default Groups

  • Admin
  • Global Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Group Leader
  • Member
  • Guest

Public Groups

Public groups can be joined and quit by every member via his or her User Panel?.

Private Groups

Only administrators and group leaders can put and remove members from private groups.

Group Leaders

Group leaders are assigned the same way as moderators. They can add other users to the group they are responsible for or delete them from it.

Relationship to Status (prior to version 5.2)

All the default groups directly relate to a user status, with one exception. Being a guest isn't a status (because only registered members have one). The other way around, there is a status 'Banned' which doesn't relate to a group. Please mind the comments on the status handling on the respective page.

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