You can tell the installer script to set up the file permissions for you. This will only work if the files are owned by the same user which the webserver is running under. While that is the ideal solution, it might not always be possible. If you need to set the permissions up manually, follow this list and skip the respective step in the installation process.

The following file permissions are required for Spam Board to function properly:

  • attachments: 755
  • db: 700
  • sessions: 700
  • images/avatars: 755
  • includes/config: 755
  • includes/wrappers: 700

The following permissions can only be set after installation:

  • all .htaccess: 644
  • includes/config/*php: 600

Note that if the user running the webserver is also the owner of all files, you can also set the group permissions to the same value as the world permissions. Only try this if you know what you're doing.

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