Spam Board Features

This is not supposed to be a complete list of everything the Spam Board can do. It's just a random list of 'key' features. It's of course always best to see the capabilities of Spam Board live.

  • output guaranteed to be well-formed XML
  • unlimited number of forum categories
  • unlimited number of forums
  • long threads spread across multiple pages
  • fully customizable via CSS stylesheets and wrappers
  • registering accounts
  • guest posting (can be disabled)
  • customizable user groups (both public and private groups)
  • rights management for user groups
  • post formatting
  • clickable board code
  • choice of password hash
  • full cookie support
  • all features usable without cookies
  • members can edit their posts
  • members can subscribe to topics (e-mail notification)
  • private messenger for members
  • file attachments
  • polls
  • pinned topics
  • splitting and merging of topics
  • 'dot' folders
  • clickable smilies
  • board search
  • birthday calendar
  • members can choose to keep their e-mail address completely private or have a contact form automatically set up for them
  • moderation features (editing & deleting posts, opening, closing & moving topics)
  • banning by membername, IP and e-mail address
  • flood control
  • basic protection against dictionary attacks
  • IP logging
  • forums stats
  • member lists stats
  • unlimited number of member stages
  • web-based admin panel
  • easy customization via admin panel
  • web-based installer
  • language-agnostic code, making translations possible within minutes
  • database-agnostic code, making a switch to various SQL servers easy

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